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13 Signs of Cancer Men Are Likely To Ignore

Many men’s cancer signs can mimic symptoms of other diseases or conditions—and many men are notorious for delaying doctors’ visits—so it’s easy to ignore them. But it’s important to know your body and see a doctor about these or any unusual pains or other changes.

  1. Difficulty Urinating
  2. Testicular Changes
  3. Noticeable Skin Changes
  4. Sores or Pain in Your Mouth
  5. Chronic Coughing
  6. Blood in Your Stool
  7. Stomach Pain or Nausea
  8. Frequent Fevers or Infections
  9. Difficulty Swallowing
  10. Excessive Bruising
  11. Unexplained Weight Loss
  12. Persistent Fatigue
  13. Chronic Headaches

Read more about these symptoms, 13 Signs of Cancer Men Are Likely To Ignore.

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