History of Allied

In the summer of 1997, a number of Michiana physicians determined that, in the face of government regulations, insurance issues, and pressures to control costs, they could still honor their commitment to their patients and to the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship by joining together to deal more effectively and efficiently with these new business issues. Their motivation in coming together was to protect their patients by protecting their relationship with them. And so Allied Physicians of Michiana became a reality. The concept was simple and daring – to combine the business operations of multiple physicians, in several group practices of varying size and specialty, into a single, efficient organization, to ensure that the physicians involved could continue to devote their time and talents to patient care.

Allied Physicians of Michiana started as a management service organization, or MSO. It took about a year to combine the operations of the group practices into the MSO, but with the help of consultants, attorneys, and other resources, the group came together in a very dramatic fashion.

Today, Allied is a multi-specialty medical group. Each of the practices has a representative on the board, and most of the physicians in Allied serve on one or more of its various committees.

Allied Physicians of Michiana includes the following specialties and practices:

  • Allied Bone and Joint
  • Allied ENT Specialty Center
  • Allied Physical Therapy
  • Chadwell Facial Plastic Surgery
  • General & Vascular Surgery
  • Michiana Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • OB-GYN Associates of Northern Indiana
  • Pediatric Associates of Michiana
  • Urology Associates of South Bend

Allied Physicians of Michiana is a growing alliance of physicians. Our philosophy is that we are all working in partnership, as allies in our efforts to provide the highest quality healthcare, at reasonable cost, for family, friends, neighbors, and employees who, at various times and for various reasons, become our patients. We share a vision of what a physician-patient relationship is and should be. That shared vision was and will continue to be the most compelling reason for Allied Physicians of Michiana.