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Latest News

Dr. Thomas Mango

Allied Physicians of Michiana is saddened by the recent loss of Dr. Thomas Mango who unexpectedly passed away last week. He was part of the Allied Bone and Joint team in 2016 and we would like to express our deepest … Read More

September is Prostate Health Awareness Month

September is Prostate Health Awareness Month. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer found in American men after skin cancer. Approximately 1 and 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. It tends to be a slow-growing … Read More

Our CEO is Going Over the Edge!

Shery Roussarie, CEO of Allied Physicians of Michiana, is going Over the Edge for Youth Service Bureau of St. Joseph County​!  Help end youth homelessness by supporting Shery and YSB! Over the Edge  

Enhance Your Football Experience

Football season is right around the corner. Here are some tips to better your experience provided by Allied Hearing and Balance Center. •Provide hearing protection for children: Earplugs and earmuffs can prevent overexposure to crowd noise in crowded stadiums. •Get … Read More

Mobile Medical Unit- Mammograms

Next Monday, August 21st, the Mobile Medical Unit will be at University Commons Medical Plaza.  Schedule your mammogram TODAY!  574-335-4500.  

LATERA- Biodegradable Implant for Nasal Obstruction

Patients who have experienced nasal obstruction from lateral wall or nasal valve collapse such as deviated septum, trauma or previous nasal surgery now have a new implant available called LATERA. LATERA is a biodegradable implant which slowly dissolves over a … Read More