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Allied Physical Therapy Now Accepting Patients for Lymphedema Therapy

Amy Conner, OTR, CHT, CLT, an occupational therapist with Allied Physical Therapy, recently earned her certification in Certified Lymphedema Therapy (CLT), an intensive, focused therapy for men and women with chronic lymphedema.

Lymphedema, a condition caused by swelling in the tissues, usually in the arms and legs, affects an estimated 140 million people worldwide and can decrease quality of life if left untreated. Complications may include chronic inflammation, infection, and hardening of the skin that, in turn, results in further lymph vessel damage and distortion of the affected body part. Prognosis is best if treated early, so patients are encouraged to seek medical attention at the first signs of swelling.

CLT-trained therapists, like Conner, assist patients by mobilizing built-up fluids in the tissue, preventing further skin and tissue deterioration and the risk of infection. To become CLT-certified, Conner completed 135 hours of training in a treatment known as complete decongestive therapy. This therapy involves manual manipulation of the lymphatic ducts, wrapping, therapeutic exercise and skin care. From this therapy, patients can expect a gentle, rhythmic massage that causes the fluid to return to the bloodstream to be filtered out through the kidneys. While a series of visits may be needed, the therapy can provide dramatic improvements.

Amy Conner has been with Allied Physical Therapy for 3 years. Allied Physical Therapy, a division Allied Physicians of Michiana, provides comprehensive physical and occupational therapy for patients suffering or recovering from acute and chronic pain, sports- and work-related injuries, illness and surgery. In addition, Allied Physical Therapy offers STAR-certified physical therapy for cancer patients, and specialized women’s health physical therapy services for women experiencing discomfort and complications from pregnancy, post pregnancy, menopause and incontinence.

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