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Osteoporosis in Men

Osteoporosis, a disease that causes the skeleton to weaken and bones to break, is a significant threat to more than two million men in the United States today. Experts estimate that one-fifth to one-third of all hip fractures occur in men and that symptomatic vertebral (spine) fractures occur about half as often in men as in women. After age 50, six percent of all men will suffer a hip fracture as a result of osteoporosis. Despite these compelling figures, a majority of American men view osteoporosis solely as a “woman’s disease,” according to a 1996 Gallup Poll. Moreover, among men whose lifestyle habits put them at increased risk, few recognize the disease as a significant threat to their mobility and independence.

Osteoporosis develops less often in men than in women because men have larger skeletons, bone loss starts later and progresses more slowly, and there is no period of rapid hormonal change and accompanying rapid bone loss. However, in the last few years the problem of osteoporosis in men has been recognized as an important public health issue, particularly in light of estimates that the number of men above the age of 70 will double between 1993 and 2050.

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