Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Allied Physicians of Michiana has some of the area’s highest trained surgeons.  While most surgeries are performed on their own, our surgeons also partner with other area providers to obtain the best outcomes possible for patients.  This is certainly the case with the breast surgeries performed by our surgeons.

While most of our general surgeons perform breast surgeries on a regular basis, of particular note is their ability to perform nipple-sparing mastectomies when appropriate for a patient’s care. In partnership with local plastic surgeons, this advanced surgical procedure combines a mastectomy and breast reconstruction into one surgery. The technique preserves the breast skin and nipple area while removing the underlying breast tissue. The preservation of the breast skin and nipple maximizes cosmetic outcomes and provides a considerable psychological benefit, allowing patients to recover from breast cancer without the burden of the self-esteem issues that occur after losing one or both breasts. Your surgeon will work with you to determine the most appropriate breast surgery technique for you.

In addition to providing surgical services, our providers and staff also partner with local organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, RiverBend Cancer Services, and Hello Gorgeous, to ensure patients have the support they need before and after their treatment.

Please call to inquire about this procedure or other breast health concerns.

– Distinguishing Facts –

GVS surgeons perform nipple sparing mastectomies, when appropriate for breast surgery patients, while working with local plastic surgeons of the patient’s choice!



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