Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Cancer impacts the entire body, mind and spirit of person.  While the cancer itself needs to be treated, so does every organ and tissue in the body affected by the cancer or the side-effects of cancer treatments.  Allied Physicians of Michiana partners with local Oncologists in the direct care and recovery of cancer patients.   Here are some of the ways our providers treat cancer patients and the complications they experience after cancer care.

Prevention & Diagnosis

  • First and foremost, we focus on prevention and early identification of cancer by encouraging and/or performing screenings, biopsies and vaccinations, including tests for colon, prostate, testicular, breast, and cervical cancer among others.

Cancer Surgery

  • While medical oncologists create treatment plans to help patients defeat cancer, it is often a specialized surgeon that performs the surgery to remove cancer or reconstruct an area after cancer.  Many of our providers, particularly those in General Surgery, Colon & Rectal Surgery, Breast Surgery, Urology, Gynecology and Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) perform cancer related surgery.  Of particular note, Allied Physicians of Michiana has multiple surgeons performing  nipple-sparing breast surgery.

Cancer Therapy & Recovery

  • Recovery after cancer is often as intensive as the treatment itself.  Cancer treatments create many complications given the wear and tear it takes on a survivor’s body.  All of our specialists can assist with these related health conditions.  What is often not considered by many is physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and issues after cancer treatment.  Allied Physical Therapy is certified in Cancer Rehabilitation services, assuring patients are provided with the best care plan for their specific concerns.

Support & Advocacy

  • The care of cancer patients is very close to the mission and service of many of our providers.  As such, Allied and many practices partner with local cancer organizations to promote access to cancer care and advocate for cancer patients via sponsorship of local charities.  In fact, several providers have been given awards for their dedication and inspiration in the care of their cancer patients.

– Distinguishing Facts –

Dr. Rotkis is the only local surgeon performing nipple sparing mastectomies!

Both Dr. Rotkis & Dr. Peterson have been awarded Excellence and Inspiration awards by Coaches Vs Cancer!

Allied Physical Therapy offers certified programs in both STAR cancer therapy and lymphedema therapy, two services essential for cancer recovery!


Allied ENT Specialty Center (formerly Otorhinolaryngology Associates)
Maher Abu-Hamdan, MD
Jon B. Chadwell, MD
Michael Pfeiffer, DO
Patrick Brand, Au.D.

General & Vascular Surgery
Luis A. Benavente, MD, FACS
Edward Delle Donne, MD, FACS, FASCRS
Timothy W. Noveroske, MD, FACS
Michael C. Rotkis, MD, FACS

Michiana Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jessica M. Basham, MD
Allen R. Clark, MD, FACOG
Daniel Czarnecki, MD, FACOG
Dayna Cox, MD, FACOG
Thalia R. Pachiyannakis, MD
Rajendra Shah, MD, FACOG
Sloan Shah, MD, FACOG

ObGyn Associates of Northern Indiana
Sara Baumgartner, MD
Tracy Byrne, MD, FACOG
Leonard R. Ferguson, MD, FACOG
Melanie Goldschmidt, DO
Kelly W. McGuire, MD, FACOG
Zhiquan Zhao, MD, FACOG

Pediatric Associates of Michiana
Sibel Toper, MD, FAAP
Ziya Toper, MD, FAAP

Urology Associates of South Bend
Scott A. Blickensderfer, DO, FACOS
Kathleen M. Delnay, MD
John A. Hudak, MD
Susan Snider, FNP-BC