Allied Imaging Center (AIC)

Meeting the needs of patients, providers and employers.

AIC provides an accessible, affordable and lower-cost alternative for MRI, CT and Digital X-Ray

As a patient, choosing AIC means you have a world class experience, at a reasonable cost.

As a provider, choosing AIC means your patients receive a superb quality scan from professionals who are responsive to your needs for easy scheduling, fast results and accessible records & images.

As an employer, choosing AIC means providing high quality benefits at a lower overall cost.

Finding the highest quality medical care at reasonable prices is an essential to health care today. We are excited to be part of the solution. Allied Imaging Center makes imaging simple for patients through accessibility, personalized service and competitive pricing. Quality care that is convenient for our patients is our priority.

How We Are Changing Health Care

Partnering with Employers:
It is no secret that healthcare services are not cheap. A main driver for opening Allied Imaging Center was local employers voicing their need for a responsibly priced imaging alternative.

Allied Imaging Center was born out of our commitment to be your partner in addressing accessibility and cost concerns of imaging services. We can work directly with you to meet your needs and those of your employees. Contact us for more on how we can work together.

Request a Cost Estimate
Great healthcare does not have to cost you a fortune. At Allied Imaging Center, we work with insurance to give you an estimate of how much your scan could cost. We specialize in providing high quality imaging that won’t break the bank.

No hidden costs or fees
Our pricing is all-inclusive. It includes the cost of your scan, any contrast needed and the radiologist that interprets your scan and provides results. Unless payor requires otherwise.

Covered by insurance
Call us at 574.334.5155 to talk about coverage options, including self-pay discounts.

Flexible payment options
We believe that everyone should have access to quality care. That is why we have partnered with Care Credit as an alternative payment option. For more information, please contact us at 574.334.5155.