Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor total health and lymphedema care

Physical therapists are experts in movement and function focusing on muscles, nerves and connective tissue.  Pelvic floor physical therapy is a specialized service with emphasis on the pelvic floor and associated trunk muscles addressing the impact on bowel, bladder, sexual health, and core stability.  Allied Physical Therapy provides this non-invasive treatment for a variety of conditions including incontinence, abdomino-pelvic pain, dysfunctional voiding and constipation.  These services are offered across the life span including pediatrics and are available for men and women.  Bowel and bladder health are essential to supporting a healthy active lifestyle at home, work, and during fitness or sport.  Treatment may include biofeedback, pelvic floor conditioning exercises, postural and core strengthening, breathing and relaxation techniques, and manual therapy for pain management and scar tissue mobility.

Our pelvic floor physical therapist is certified in lymphedema therapy with special interest in urologic, gynecologic, colorectal and breast cancer.  When recovering from cancer surgery and treatment, some men and women face difficulties with pain, scarring, lymphedema, muscle weakness and/or movement restrictions.  Our therapist will customize a plan of care supporting a quick recovery to their daily activities.  Lymphedema care may include manual therapy for scar mobilization, manual lymph drainage, compression wrapping, and exercises to facilitate lymphatic flow.


Allied Physical Therapy
Melissa Gutierrez, PT, DPT, CLT, capp-pelvic certified