Patient FAQs


Allied Physicians of Michiana participates in many “Networks” with which insurance plans are affiliated. We participate in most, but not all, health networks. Currently, Allied Physicians of Michiana participates with Aetna, Anthem, CHA, CIGNA, Select Health Network, Sagamore, IHN, Humana/Choicecare Medicare plans only, PHCS and UHC.
All copayments should be paid at the time of service, if you know a copayment is applicable. If you are unsure if you have a copayment you will receive a statement in the mail after your insurance has processed the claim.
By accepting assignment, or by participating in a health plan, you may still be responsible for out-of-pocket amounts due to co-insurance, deductible, non-covered or plan exclusions.
If you are the patient and the insurance holder, your policy will be listed first for you, followed secondly by any coverage you may have under your spouse. In the situation of a minor child where both parents have insurance, generally the parent whose birthday comes first in the year will be primary.
The insurance company may need information from you to determine your eligibility, coordination of benefits, student status, whether this visit was due to an accident, or several other reasons. You must complete the information in order for your claim to be paid; otherwise, the full amount is charged to you.
You are responsible to know your plan benefits and what service requires a pre-certification or referral. Very often, outpatient or in-patient procedures or services do require some form of prior notification. Often the hospital or specialty department may do this for you; however, please make sure that this is arranged by calling your insurance company prior to services.
If a patient has an auto accident or is injured on the job, claims will need to be filed to the auto or worker’s compensation carrier. Please bring your auto or worker’s compensation information with you to your visit so that your regular insurance is not billed for these services.
Allied Physicians of Michiana’s Administrative Office located at University Commons Medical Plaza. You can reach us by phone 574-251-2100 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Under HIPAA guidelines, if a patient is over the age of 18, his or her privacy is protected and therefore not released without their consent. Health insurance claim information, financial information, etc. cannot be discussed with anyone under this guideline. A family member may request that his or her health and financial information be shared with another specific family member, but this must be done in writing. The patient may request a HIPAA release form from the office they are visiting.
If your health insurance changes, it is vital that we change your information to keep current with the address of your carrier, your group and policy numbers, and your general demographic information.
Yes.   Uninsured patients are invited to call their practice of interest for applicable financial policies.  We do accept Care Credit as a form of payment. For more information on Care Credit click the following link: